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New, Improved Ani-Twirlers! Spirals


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Sun Twirlers are made from a highly polished, 18 gauge, stainless steel. Our Sun Twirlers go through a special patent pending process to provide a highly reflective shine and the most colorful surface of any powder-coated wind spinner on the market. Sun Twirlers come with a heavy duty stainless steel ball bearing swivel.

Our talented artist personally creates each design as a unique and stunning masterpiece.

Sun Twirlers are the highest quality wind spinner on the market. We provide you with the most colorful, brightest, longest lasting finish and the largest selection of unique designs. We offer low prices and quantity discounts that allow for high profit margins without sacrificing quality.

Don’t get stuck selling the same old, dull, rusting wind spinners. Insist on selling the best wind spinner on the market. Feel good about providing your customers with a wind spinner they can truly enjoy for a lifetime. If a wind spinner is made of any type of steel other than stainless steel, THEY WILL RUST. Our extensive research and testing of our product and others has led to one conclusion: There is no amount of pre-treating, powder-coating, etc. that will eliminate rust.  If you are not buying stainless steel wind spinners, you will have the hassle of dealing with rusty wind spinners, warranty claims, unhappy customers, and a bad reputation.

Our company is truly the innovator in the wind spinner industry. We are the inventors of multicolored and animated wind spinner.

Bring new life to your wind spinner business by selling Sun Twirlers, our unique and colorful wind spinners with a lifetime rust warranty, and take pride in selling the best wind spinners in the industry.

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